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CRITICAL DICTIONARY AND ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WORDS related to MEMORY and TESTIMONY Researchers, teachers, and professionals in cultural arts and information management increasingly find themselves... Read more


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Marianne Hirsch explains what the notion of “postmemory” means
Transnational memory
The term “transnational memory” has recently emerged in memory studies as part of the larger critique of methodological nationalism that has... Read more
Transcultural memory
“Transcultural memory” emerged in or around 2010 within the field of memory studies. It describes the programmatic move away from the... Read more
Tourism and memory
Travel to sites perceived to hold historic significance is an increasingly common practice, and constitutes a key element in the contemporary... Read more


Carlo Ginzburg
tiret Carlo Ginzburg, a historian by training, is internationally known for several reasons. A prominent representative of micro-history, he is also an ardent intellectual who does not hesitate to engage on... Read more
Andreas Huyssen
tiret Andreas Huyssen is Professor of Germanic Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. His work focuses on German literature from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century, but also – and... Read more
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